Naturopathy Doctor

Naturopathy Doctor

Job Category: Naturopathy
Job Type: Virtual Clinic
Job Location: Online

Bachelor or Master’s degree in related medical programs
Profound experience in prescribing health food supplements and other naturopathic remedies
Strong ability to recommend healthy regimens for patient lifestyles
Good ability to maintain patient confidentiality
Exceptional knowledge of natural forms of medicine

Roles and Responsibilities:
Treat patients based on the healing power of nature. Like contemporary medical doctors, naturopathic treatment practitioners identify, diagnose, and treat patients for their conditions and illnesses. Common duties of naturopathic treatment practitioners include virtually meeting with patients, examining patients, prescribing tests, following up and monitoring patients, discussing treatment options, designing treatment plans, and other duties as needed. They should be able to connect easily with other people. Maintaining patient records, appointment scheduling and maintain using our internal patient management system.

This position is suitable for doctors looking to interact with domestic and international clients and become trusted members of a wellness start-up.

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