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Holistic Health & Wellness Programs for your Employees

Transform the health and overall well-being of your employees with Carewell Connect.

Workplace productivity begins with a holistic work environment. Let Carewell Connect doctors design an effective corporate wellness program to boost employee engagement and ultimate, the bottom line.

Statistics that prove the benefits of a holistic
employee wellness program


Holistic Healthcare Benefits

People would be more interested in working for a company offering holistic healthcare benefits


Holistic Healthcare Benefits

Employees think that such programs positively impact the company culture


Holistic Healthcare Benefits

Employees that work in companies that prioritize workplace wellness say that they feel motivated and focused at work


Holistic Healthcare Benefits

Employees said they consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer

Ineffective health programs can ruin the
work environment

We are all aware of the relationship between employee health and employee productivity. In spite of the awareness, organizations are either not doing much or are doing it wrong when it comes to employee wellness.

At Carewell Connect, we believe that health is an integral part of a human being and prevention is better than cure. We have designed yearly packages for corporate employees that focus on holistic well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

How can our Employee Wellness
Program benefit your company?

Help employees face their health issues positively

Reduce stress

Decrease absenteeism

Happier, healthier result-oriented employees

Improved work performance

Energized work culture

Reduced health and benefit related costs

Take a look at our packages for
small and medium enterprises

Packages have a duration of 12 months.

Particulars Package cost per employee
for 12 months duration
Holistic Package ₹12500
Counselling Package ₹5000
Healthcare Package ₹6000

Choose the best care for your employee’s wellness